Show Full Context Path in Perspective

Is there a terminal command I can run to see the full path again to contexts. I very much miss this behavior and it makes it really confusing for contexts that are in different categories that have the same name like “Watch” but one is with my children and one is with my wife. Of course I could name it “Watch with Bermuta” and “Watch with Children” but I already have categories with multiple things like that.

OmniFocus 1(I like that it wraps and goes to multiple lines and that you can resize the columns which you still can’t do in OmniFocus 2).

OmniFocus 2 inspector (truncated and only the context)

OmniFocus 2 perspective (truncated and only the context)

Also with OmniFocus 2 when I need to create a new project or category it is no longer easy to just name a project or category and then just remove the last thing and create a new context or project in the right subfolders since it always tries to trim down the names to just the project and just the category leaving more work later to try to figure out where that was suppose to go when I could have just done that on the spot.

Hopefully someone has an answer.