Show notification at custom time for an action

I’d love it if there was a feature that would send a notification about an action at a specified time. This could be a totally custom time, or a set time prior to the due date.

I use OmniFocus to help organise my deadlines for University, but when I set the due date as 10pm, I only get a notification at 10pm, which is when I needed to submit by! Having a notification an hour prior would be very useful.

I don’t know how to accomplish that and use subtasks or calendar events instead.

When entering the deadline in calendar (e.g.,, it’s easy to add several notifications.

When you want to do all with OmniFocus, you could add a subtask to your actual task with a due one hour earlier. For instance:

  • Assignment x for class y [due tom 12:00]
  • Hand in assignment [due tom 11:00]
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Thanks for posting! What you’re asking for isn’t currently possible, but we do have a feature request open on the ability to add a notification time that’s distinct from the defer or due ones. I’ll attach you (and @marcel) to that item in our dev database so the rest of the team will know you’d like to see it added. Thanks!

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