Show only name of project in context view

I recently moved over from Things and I’m trying to create a workflow for myself. Although I like many aspects of GTD, when it comes to projects I prefer to create an outline and work on the project not just the next action. Is there a way to only have the name of the project show up in the context list without all or any of the actions associated with it?

Would View > Collapse All do what you need? The collapsed state of each row will be remembered on a per-perspective basis.

Offhand, how about giving projects a specific context (maybe, “project”) and then selecting that context in context view and making “remaining” items visible.

Thanks for the replies, unfortunately Collapse All only seems to collapse the nested contexts for me. I’m still learning OF so I’m not sure if I’m missing something. Giving the projects contexts could work, but when I add a due date or flag to the project, all the tasks receive one as well and this may get too cluttered.

I think I’ve come up with a work around (I hope this is not too confusing):
Add a new task to each project duplicating the name of the project. Outline rest of project without using any contexts and ignore the “no context” list. This way only the name of the project appears in my proper context lists. Its a bit tedious, since I have close to 100 projects. Also it requires an extra step when I add new projects but it seems to do the trick.

To collapse the outline view (the view that shows your projects, groups, and actions), shift the focus to the outline view by choosing View > Go to Outline (or pressing ⌥+⌘+2 or by selecting something in the outline view) and then choose View > Collapse All (or press ⌃+⌘+0) as Kyle suggested.

Thanks Tim. I see where Kyle was going with that. My apologies, I was trying to get it to work in the context view. I’ll play around with it for a while and see if it solves my problem.

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