Show project in Forecast View in Omnifocus 3

Hi there!

Is it possible to show a project in the forecast view in OmniFocus 3 without showing all of the project’s tasks??

This would help me plan my day. For instance, I’d like to see that that on Monday I need to “fix up the backyard” without seeing all the tasks that this involves. Is that possible?

Thanks very much

That is not possible. Forecast displays all sub-tasks. Forecast is an honest and open appraisal of your days ahead. It has to be so. Having said that, I think others have queried this. Perhaps a future update could have an option not to display sub-tasks?
You can create a perspective showing only available tasks and that may solve your problem.

A workaround that I’m trying out is creating a task in the project (something like “Work on project X”) and tagging that with the tag for today. Then the projects I want to work on today show up in Forecast (only for today), but without all the subitems. A similar workaround for future items is to have a task within your project and assign that task the due date. Again, not perfect, but maybe good enough.

That is such a good idea, Teronel! That solution makes perfect sense and for some reason it hadn’t occurred to me.

I think this is one of the cases in which OmniFocus’s investment in the GTD methodology creates problems.

I mean, it shouldn’t be complicated to list a project on a daily schedule!

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