Show start and due times in Forecast view

is it possible to enable start and/or due dates in Forecast mode? That’s the only reason why I can’t really use OmniFocus 2. In OmniFocus 1 you could use terminal commands to enable it, but they don’t work now. Are there some new terminal commands or any possibilities to enable them?
That would be really awesome.

I am confused. I see defer and due dates. What am I not understanding?

I was gonna say the same thing. They’re both there so I was scratching my head.

When you are in forecast view, click on the “eye” icon at the top of the window. You’ll see settings that can adjust your forecast settings.

You can select which calendars you want, due, deferred, etc.

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haha sorry, I mean the actual time like 08:00 o’clock or 16:30 o’clock etc., I want to see the real time and not just the words "“deferred until today”. I know that they’re deferred for today, thats why they’re in the Forecast view, but it doesn’t show the time.


Aha! Time, not date. Makes much more sense. Thanks for explaining.

The iPhone version has this implemented nicely. The -due time- is listed before the checkbox instead of the Due Date.

Since it’s already broken down at the top by due date (like in lizard’s example : Today, Thu Mar 27), you see the due time instead of if repeating Due Today to the left of the check box/circle.

It makes it easy to get an idea of when your tasks are due and how to prioritize, without having to click on each task and look into the sidebar.

This would be great for the Mac version as well.


Thank you andre​_​cyr, that’s exactly what I’m talking about and what I need, without it I can’t use OmniFocus 2 on Mac 😱

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Also, yet another reason for this is so one can just use Forecast as the “Today” view, rather than mess with Flags or due dates or whatever to create a “Today” view. All of my actions I put with a start date for tomorrow are the things I want to get done tomorrow, then I can just pop into Forecast and get to work.

Yes - generally I’d love to see this in the due field in all perspectives - not only in forecast mode. I often use hours in the due field (ex: if at lunchtime I need to do something I put the due date + 12pm) so I get alerted. In OF1 there were settings that allowed that to be visible via the terminal: defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus.MacAppStore RelativeDateFormatterShowTime YES. Would be great to add this as a setting in preferences (or just turning it on…)

haha problem solved! :D
I mailed OmniFocus and they gave me the following terminal command, I tried it and it works great :)

defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2 RelativeDateFormatterShowTime YES

Perfect. I had run this for OF1 but did not know if it worked in OF2. Just what I needed. Thanks!