Show sub topics (child information) from filter

I have read through several of the postings that touch on this topic but could not find a solution. When I create a filter based on a column I see the parent topics along with the actual row associated with the column I filtered but it does not show the sub topics for the selected row. Is there anyway to be able to filter and show the sub topics?

See attached filter based on column FPP = ‘craigc’. There is s sub bullet under that row but does not show in filtered view.

My biggest, Number One, most desired, hoped-for, oft-requested, Holy Grail feature.

Child items BELONG to their parent items, so not to be able to see them in filtered views renders those filtered views pretty meaningless to me. (Others mileage, I acknowledge, may vary.)

25 years ago, the late great Ecco Pro allowed this, and it was the most invaluable piece of software I’ve ever owned. OmniOutliner is SO close … and yet so far.

OmniFocus allows seeing parent and child items in a Perspective (which is a filtered view). Why can’t OmniOutliner?

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Rob, thanks for the reply. I too was a long time Ecco user. So, I guess this means there is not custom script or automation that can accomplish this? I would be willing to pay someone to do it.

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I posted this, too. Asked if it could be automated. No responses.

For background on why the Omni-hosted forum has, alas, become a place for good questions like this to go to die, from being ignored for weeks and months, see

@kcase apparently favors private conversations directly with support humans. Users learning automation like to study public questions and responses. (I would love to see how to handle this.)

Maybe @unlocked2412 or @draft8 and @Sal will have time to help on this problem.

I think this is discussed here:

Not tested, but I think it is possible to create a script that shows matched items along with its descendants.

Thank you for the reply. Yes I reviewed that posting as well, but unfortunately it did not have a solution either. The batch search does come close and it is actually a nice feature, but as you are aware it doesn’t do exactly what that posting wanted nor what I was wanting. When you say it’s possible but not tested is this something that you could do or do you know somebody who could do it?

Thanks, looks like we have the same desire as many. You would think with multiple requests someone could create an automation for this.

Yes, I could do it. Send me a DM if you want and I will see what can I do.

I have an idea in mind. Not sure if that is exactly what you are looking for.

I’m still using Ecco Pro in 2021. Have been using it since the early nineties. It’s a complete PIM which gives it more robust functions for collecting data on accomplished tasks.

I use Omni Outliner primarily for planning my tasks.

Do you know windows version supports Ecco Pro?