Show up emtpy contexts

Hey there,

you’re doing relly great support-job in here. And I’am relly sorry about this next question, but:

Can you give me a URL to show up emtpy contexts in the side bar (custom perspektive)?

=> Grouped my Projekt, sorted by due,(…)filtered by active contexts

I would love to see all contexts in the side bar. Not just these with actions in it.

omnifocus:///change-preference?MainOutlineIncludesEmptyContexts=true (not working)

filtered by active contexts

That’s your problem. The empty contexts are called “stalled” by Omni. You can see them in the side bar by filtering contexts by “Remaining”(empty and full contexts) or “Stalled.” (empty only)


So, there is no option to see all active contexts only (empty and full) - but thanls anyway!

“Remaining” will show you both empty and full contexts.