Show View Options

Shift-command-V shows view options and appears to be functionally the same clicking the eyeball. Is there a trick to toggle between the radio buttons once this is open? I can’t seem to find any menu options or keyboard shortcuts once this popup is in view. Am I missing something? (Looks like it’s going to be Keyboard Maestro to the rescue again.)

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I don’t think there is one, hence why I’ve used KM on this other thread

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I don’t think OmniFocus 2 provides any built-in shortcuts for that popover. However, you can use the keyboard to navigate around there (and many other places in the app) if you enable Full Keyboard Access in System Preferences:

This will let you use the Tab key to cycle between options and the Space key to select an option.

If you’d rather not enable this preference – it does, after all, take effect system-wide – Keyboard Maestro may be able to help you out. If there’s something Omni can do to improve the usability of this area, of course please let us know.


I had completely forgotten about that. Thanks teki, it fits the need nicely.

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Hi! Would it be possible to make a future update to assign shortcuts for the Shortcuts for View Options in in Project view? That would be great. Thanks!