Showing Certain Contexts in a Perspective

I’m trying to tweak my context-based perspective to show only certain contexts.

I opened the perspective editor, chose the perspectives I wanted in the sidebar of another window, and clicked on “Add Current Sidebar Selection.”

At this point, when I open the perspective, the selected perspectives don’t match the ones I chose from the wizard.

I think that the contexts I’m seeing are the ones I selected last time I had the perspective open, not the ones I chose in the editor. Is there something I’m missing here? How can I see just the perspectives I selected in the editor?

Hey @jamie! OmniFocus perspectives can have temporary “overrides” of their core settings applied in the View popover. If you open that panel from the View button in the toolbar, is the “Revert” button available? Does it restore your sidebar selection?

Aha, that’s the trick.

That works, thanks!

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