Sidebar Flags for Custom Perspectives with available tasks

I would find it immensely useful if custom perspectives showed a flag when there were available tasks in the perspective similar to the flagged, inbox, and review default perspectives; ideally custom perspectives could also be assigned their own colour to better differentiate (a set of default colours provided by Omni which fit well with the default Omni theme would also be welcome).

I cannot image my life being run as easily without OmniFocus – so thank you for making it!

Adding a vote to this request. An option on a perspective to either show a highlight of some sort (like Forecast, Inbox, Review) on Mac would be great. It would be nice if this could work on iOS as well, and show a count like those same perspectives do there.

This is great, but…feature (and support) requests are only considered by @SupportHumans if submitted via email — the more people to write, the more importance it gets.

You can find all you need inside the app:

  • HelpContact Omni on macOS
  • SettingsContact Omni on iOS