Simple Copy/Paste?

Anyone have an easy way or script (now that things have changed in 2.7.1) to just copy the items selected & paste them.

Previously I could just select whatever tasks & projects, then copy and paste into an email (using paste & match style) I would only get the Project name or task- no other info (notes, contexts, dates, flags, etc)

Now it seems to grab everything (including completed items that aren’t even in my perspective) and attempt to format it etc.

I need a simple text export of my current perspective (my boss wont accept it any other way) so I can copy into the body of an email and send it off

Old way vs new way

Some of our users are using export to HTML to workaround the change to TaskPaper. You select the project(s) desired in the sidebar, then export to HTML which works well in email.

Also, there is a hidden URL available which will remove some of the metadata (but not the hierarchy). To try the URL for simpler text, omnifocus:///change-preference?OFMTextExportShouldIncludeTaskPaperMetadata=false to turn off metadata and omnifocus:///change-preference?OFMTextExportShouldIncludeTaskPaperMetadata=true to turn it on. You need to confirm the choice in OmniFocus once you click the URL.

I hope these options help some. Sorry for the disruption to your normal workflow.