Simple perspective showing flagged items

I have OF3 Pro. I just want to create a perspective that shows ALL flagged items. I cannot work out how to do this in OF3 using the Perspectives settings.

Any advice?


Assuming you’d just want remaining things and not completed ones, too, this ought to fit the bill:



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Thanks! I swear every time I went to the filter screen I did not see Status as an option. Now I do. I must have been doing something wrong.



@heyscottyj I guess you want ‘All of the following’ on the 1st line, otherwise you will have Remaining (including non-flagged) OR flagged (including Complete, etc)

// cc @Mettafort

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Good catch, @ediventurin! I forgot I am using test build that allows the first line to be changed, so I didn’t even look.


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Why can’t you just use the built-in Flagged perspective?

I’d presume for different group/sort presentation.

That’s a good reason.

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