Single Action Task Not Showing Up in Today or Forecast

I have a single action task that is flagged and has a due date. I have flagged and due turned on for forecast and notification, but the single action task does not show up in either, nor does it show up in flagged perspective. The task is available, due, and flagged. Does anyone have any ideas why it does not show up in flagged, forecast, or today?

I figured out the problem on my own. I flagged a single action list without any tasks in the list. Once I added a task to the list, it showed up as expected.

Sorry for the confusion that caused! In case it helps, Parallel and sequential projects will appear in those views when they’re empty, in case you want to mark them complete.

Single action lists are handled more like folders - they’re considered containers for other things, rather than something you’d check off or complete.

Got it, thanks. Even though I am a very new user, I am very happy with Omnifocus even with the few little hiccups (user error) I have run into.

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