Siri after task added

I´m trying to make friends with Siri just to be able to use it with Omnifocus when running, via my headphones so that I dont have to pull up my iphone.

I am listening to podcast or music while running, When adding tasks I can now get Siri to add them to the right list in Omnifocus.

But how do I ge Siri to resume to the podcast/music after adding the task?

Just pressing the button on the headphones once should quit Siri and bring you back to the previous app, which should automatically start playing again.

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On AirPods I give Siri „Wiedergabe fortsetzen“, which should translate as „resume playing“ (try it out). It works reliably if the iPhone has not locked in the meantime, the timeout for that is according to the general settings, not just when you turn off the screen by pressing the off-button.

Thank you! That did the trick!!!

Thank you but Siri in Swedish is miserable, to put it mildly!