Siri asks for List instead of putting to Inbox

When using Siri to capture items and send them to my inbox, Siri asks which list I want to add the new item to. I just want Siri to add to my inbox and not worry about lists which I can process later.

If I say something like: “Add look at the email from Brian in Omnifocus”; Siri says: " I have a few options. Which list should I add it to?" And then gives me a selection of lists to add the task to.

Other times it just adds the task to the inbox without asking which list - which is what I want.

Is there a sure way/syntax to have Siri only add to the inbox without asking which List I want to add it to?

I’m not 100, but I feel like “add” is to add to a list and “remember” goes in inbox.

Related to this, are there instructions somewhere about how to use Siri with OmniFocus? Not the setup, but what commands / operations are possible and how to word them.

Thank you! Saying “remember” did the trick. I was confused as sometimes saying “add” just added it to the inbox without asking for a list.

There’s a free video tutorial on my Learn OmniFocus site that may be helpful:


Hey All,

This is Super confusing and @alexisvx is right, the command “Add” for me always results in Siri prompting for a Project / Context List. BUT, in the linked tutorial this does not happen, the action pop straight into the Inbox.

I know that I can use "remember"but that seems a strange syntax.

Has anyone got any further input on this?

I always use “Siri, remind me …” and that always puts it into the OF inbox because I set up reminders to go there.

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I have gone back to @OogieM’s method because I couldn’t get OF to reliably parse my dictation. I’d rather get the task out of my head quickly then think to not add “Contact” as the first verb because Siri will open the Phone app or the Calendar App or the Maps app…

Thanks guys really appreciate the support. The only reservation with “remind me” is that Siri asks about when I want to be reminded. Do you just ignore this or am I missing a way of switching this off?

You set it up so that reminders go to the OF inbox and no time or date is asked for. I’ve never had siri ask for a date or time.