Siri doesn't understand and tries to create a list named OmniFocus in Reminders

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I was excited that there was Siri integration with the latest version of OmniFocus. However, Siri doesn’t seem to understand when I tell her “Remind me to walk the dog in OmniFocus”, she replies with “You don’t have a list named OmniFocus, should I create one?” and she tries to create a list named “OmniFocus” in Reminders…

I was able to interact with OmniFocus using Siri otherwise (i.e. “create a list named walk the dog in OmniFocus” works and creates a project named “walk the dog”)

I’m using Siri in iOS 11 in French (Canadian), maybe it’s a language issue? Has anyone else tried this feature? I guess it’s a Siri issue rather than an OmniFocus…

When I need a Reminder I just say “Siri Remember to walk the dog when I get home” or at 8:00pm today etc.
Siri automatically puts it in Omnifocus without me mentioning omnifocus…
Hope this helps

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But that’s using the old mechanism, not the new intent-based one. The benefit of the new one is more function.

Yes, I was talking about the new feature.

I have tried switching Siri to English, and then it works every time. So I guess it’s a Siri language issue…

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I had the same issue.
You have to tell Siri to “remember to…” and it will add it to the inbox.

See reference post Siri asks for List instead of putting to Inbox

Thanks for your reply. However, it is not quite the same issue. When I say “Siri, rappelle-moi de promener le chien”, (Siri, remind me to walk the dog), it adds it to the Reminders app in the default list. If I say “Siri, rappelle-moi de promener le chien dans OmniFocus” (Siri, remind me to walk the dog in OmniFocus), it still tries to use Reminders and not OmniFocus. It will sometimes create a task named “walk the dog in OmniFocus”, or it will complain that there is no list named OmniFocus (it will work once in a while). If I try to add a task to a specific list (not the inbox), then it usually works.

I have, for now, reverted to the old way of syncing OF to Reminders.