Siri integration MacOS Sierra

Now that Siri is available on macOS sierra, is it (or will it be) possible to use Siri on the Mac to create reminders in Omnifocus?

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If you’re also using OmniFocus on iOS, you can use Siri to add items to the OmniFocus Inbox on macOS…albeit in a roundabout way.

Turn on Reminders Capture on at at least one of your iOS devices and choose the Reminders list that you want to capture from (I use one called “Inbox”). If you add to your designated Reminders list using Siri on macOS (e.g. ask Siri to “add register in webinar to inbox list”) you should eventually see this item show up in your OmniFocus Inbox.

It would be great to have the Reminders Capture feature on macOS as well (or even better, integration that doesn’t rely on Reminders). In the meantime, I hope this provides a useful workaround.


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Thanks for that Tim. I have found that Reminders Capture on IOS works really well and I use it all the time. Good luck with getting it to work with macOS though.


@awesomedavid You’re very welcome, David.

Capturing to Reminders on macOS has been working well for me. And since everything syncs over iCloud it gets picked up by the OmniFocus for iOS app. It can take a few minutes, but in most cases this isn’t an issue for me.

Hey Tim, I’m doing the same process and it works, but the reminders never disappear on the macOS reminders app like they do on the iOS reminders app. Each one remains as “to be done” on the mac. Any ideas? Are you seeing the same thing?

@fishcymbal — It’s working fine for me. It’s odd that your Reminders aren’t disappearing on the Mac. Assuming everything is syncing over iCloud, a Reminders lists should be identical on Mac and iOS. It sounds like you may have an iCloud syncing issue that isn’t specific to OmniFocus.