Siri Remember this page loses the full URL in OmniFocus

One of the spiffy new features of iOS 9 is Siri’s “Remember this”. I saves the current webpage to the Reminders list. However, when the URL is brought into OmniFocus, only the root URL shows up. I realize that the archived note in Reminders still has the “full” URL. Apple does seem to be using some trickery here: the URL only displays as the root URL and only gives the root when opening in Yosemite’s Reminders. I’m guessing this is one of those times the manual refers to where OmniFocus doesn’t have access to the full information as mentioned in the manual, but I thought I’d ask anyway if there’s a way to get the full URL into OmniFocus with Siri.

Unfortunately, no – this is a limitation of Apple’s EventKit API, which OmniFocus uses to import those reminders. In fact, the only reason that OmniFocus is able to grab the domain of that URL is that Safari puts that domain in as a note!

I would reference the manual, but it seems you’ve already found that section. If we’re able to grab that URL in the future, we’d like to do so; for now, though, you might consider a way to leave those reminders in Reminders, or check the original reminder there in the “Captured by OmniFocus” list. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks for the confirmation! Here’s to hoping that Apple updates the API in the future. Back to the trusty Share sheet for me.