Size of Notes Field OF3

i am currently evaluating the OF3 Beta. Looks very promising so far.
What I don not understand that there is still no way to just increase the font size of the notes field default size. This has been an issue for very long. why has not this been adjusted in OF3… The size is just way to small

is there a way to increase the default font size?

Have you emailed in your concern? In every Omni app there’s an entry in the Help menu called Contact Omni which is designed for feature requests or issues you might be having :)

Hi, thanks for checking in!

In general, anything that uses standard system controls (including all the content in the Inspector) have fixed font sizes based on the system’s standard fonts for those controls. (System controls actually come in two sizes, “Regular” and “Small”, and in version 3 we switched from the Small size to the Regular size for everything in the Inspector except the notes.) The implication here is that you’ll see the same font sizes there as everywhere else in the system, and if you find that size hard to see it’s probably a good idea to change that system-wide. (The easiest way to do that is to use System Preferences to adjust your display resolution.)

But that’s not the only option! Notes are also available in the main content area, not just in the Inspector, and you can adjust everything in the main content area using the font size slider in Style Preferences. To access the notes in the main content area, you can use the Command-' keyboard shortcut (for the menu item Edit > Edit Note) or click on the little note icon in the row. (You can also use Control-Command-' or View > Show All Notes to hide or show all the notes for all the items in the current list.)

Hope this helps!