Skipping A Recurring Task


I suspect this is right in front of my nose, but I can’t see it!

I routinely “skip” recurring reminders on OmniFocus on my iPhone. I’m thinking of things like, “Set out the dry cleaning for pickup.” Sometimes I don’t have anything to send out, so rather than mark it Complete, I chose “Skip.”

My question is, how do I perform the same action in OmniFocus on the Mac?

– Robert


I think what you are looking for is “Dropped.” Under “Action” in the Inspector, there are three options for an item: Active, Completed, and Dropped. Active means still on-going, Completed means…well completed, and Dropped will ask you if you want to Skip this Occurance or Delete it.


Ah, OK. When I click Dropped it doesn’t ask anything. It’s just dropped. I presume that doesn’t cancel its recurring nature, however?


For me, it only doesn’t ask if event is not recurring. I tried both and non-recurring just cancelled but recurring/repeating asked.


…and if you have the ‘project’ open, you should see the next occurance in the list.


You are absolutely correct. My apologies. When I tested it earlier I inadvertently dropped a non-recurring item. It works as you say. Thank you for your help!

– Robert