Slow sync in OmniFocus 4

It’s been over two and a half weeks since I emailed support but haven’t had a reply. I’ve emailed them in the past and the always gotten back to me in a couple of days. I don’t think I’ll get a reply back on this one.


I’m still experiencing slow synchs as well.

But I love OF4 :-)

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Any progress or ideas on this, please?

It can still take several minutes to synch…

Shall I open a formal support ticket?

Hi Mark, Unfortunately there’s been no progress. I’ve still got the sync issues, and to honest its quiet off putting. Especially if I’m out and go to my phone, I’ve got to wait (for what feels ages) for things to sync up so I can progress and see what my actual lists are.

You could definitely raise a support ticket and I would love to hear if you get a response what they say.

It’s been well over a month since I raised my support ticket, but no one has got back to me at all.

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Thanks, Grant!

I don’t want to be critical (of Omni)… long time supporter and happy user.

Have contacted Support for their advice.

Yes, longtime user here too. With all of their products.

I’ve always had a great response from their support team with any questions, so not sure why they haven’t responded for this one.

Keep me posted as I’d love to get that instant sync feel as their is with other apps.

We have seen several reports of slowness in version 4 and are actively working on some things to help with performance. That being said, if you are experiencing something unusual or would like us to take a look at your specific case, reaching out to us via email or calling in to our support line is advised. Looking through the tickets in our queue I do see that Grant reached out to us a while ago, and was answered today. We did experience a hight volume of tickets are are doing our best to catch up to that backlog as quickly as possible. Sorry for the delay!


Thanks April, I’ve emailed the sync logs from all my devices as requested and hope it helps with the resolve!