Small fail? OF3 in Apple Watch

Hello friends!

In OF3 you can show in view forecast task with a tag. But when I’m going to “Today” (forecast in Apple Watch) I can´t see the tasks like Forecast of iOS.

Is it normal? Or perhaps because it´s in beta?

A greetings!

It’s normal. You can make a custom perspective with your Forecast tag, though. It can be shown at the bottom of the watch app.

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If you want Forecast tag items to be shown at top like past, today, soon, flagged and inbox, you can send a feature request.

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Hey there j3suss - I noticed the same thing and came here looking for answers.

Since my main custom perspective was essentially a pre-OmniFocus 3 way of creating a Forecast tag, I would really like to see the watch behave the way the phone does too!

I am guessing this falls somewhere between a bug and a feature request. It would seem to make the most sense for there to be feature parity here, but maybe they missed it or just haven’t had time to implement.

I’m going to go ahead and email support (and reference this thread) - I suggest you do the same!

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Answer is back from support and they are treating this as FEAUTRE REQUEST unfortunately rather than BUG (As I consider it to be - watch being an extension of phone). Please contact support if you would like to see this functionality.

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lol Well, I think it’s a mistake obviously, if you have a label on the forecast, that should be shown on Apple Watch !!
Tonight he’s going to send an email, it’s a mistake, it’s not a feature to add!