Sneaky peeky at OmniFocus 3 for Mac

@rosemaryjayne gives us a looky-see at OF3 for Mac. Take a look at comparison shots of OF2 and OF3. They are screen captures of recent builds and may not represent the final shipped version sometime in September. New builds are being released with updated features daily.


Love the streamlined and fresh look, especially the integration of the toolbar into the windows frame that frees some useful screen space ^_^


Oh oh oh where’s the beta invite…

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hopefully you registered before this date?

It looks great!! Hope this release will be soon!


grrrr I signed up one day later…

OF3 Forecast view. I hope it looks like a calendar. OF2 Last date is not visible, so Uncomfortable. Inconsistent.

Make other options that we can see.

Design is currently on iPad iOS version layout. i like it (iPad Layout)

Forecast view - The current layout that is visible when the button is pressed is not intuitive.

Create a more visible layout without button pressin.

If you follow the existing layout, the version is not meaningful.