Snooze possible in iOS 8

With apple opening up iOS some is it possible for creating snoozing/nagging reminders? If so is OF going to be creating this option?

Further questions since no response was given on the snooze question. If anyone has a way to create a snooze/nagging reminder system that’d be great.

If 5 reminders are in the notification center and one is clicked on will they all go away still? Also will it goto the actual reminder one clicks on instead of just opening OF?

Custom actions are definitely possible in iOS 8, so I don’t see why OmniFocus wouldn’t be able to implement this in much the same way as third-party apps are already now doing. I’d suggest sending an e-mail to and suggesting it be added as a feature, since that’s the official way to get things on “the list” and presumably the more votes they have for something, the higher they’ll prioritize it.

In answer to your other questions, within Notification Centre, tapping on a notification takes you to that task in the Forecast view. The other tasks are not cleared.

You can now snooze via lock screen notification interaction. However the snooze interval appears to be fixed at 15 minutes. I’d like to be able to change the snooze time.

An autsnooze feature would also be very helpful as a nag.

Something like this:

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