So have people converted apps like Wunderlist, Notes, etc to OF?

So I am wondering if I should just jump ship and convert all my data I have in List master, Notes app, Wunderlist, etc into OF - has anyone successfully used OF for all their list, ideas, notes etc?

I don’t think OmniFocus is a good place for pure notes.

My use case for lists:

  • Reminders for non actionable lists (groceries, wish list, etc) - tried others but easy of use for my wife and clickable links in notes made me use the built-in app.
  • OmniFocus for actionable ones

For notes:

  • stored as plain texts in Dropbox
  • current apps: nvALT (OS X) and Notesy (iOS)

Reference material (notes and everything else):

  • Evernote

i agree that OF isn’t really a good repository for notes. if you want something like that, i would use the native notes app, or some other dedicated notes manager - like evernote or devonthink for more flexibility. i do know that some people like to use OmniOutliner for notes for a specific project, although i use outliner for brainstorming, planning, and preparing and developing documents.

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Same here. I wouldn’t use OmniFocus for notes – unless they become actionable items.
OF gets pretty cluttered when you fill it up with a lot of notes.

My current workflow:
• OmniFocus for tasks / actions (also show up in a Calendars)
• Apple Reminders for shopping and wish lists (shareable w/ family)
• Apple Calendar for events and appointments
• Fantastical for quick looks at both, tasks and events
• Byword for Markdown notes, synched via iCloud
• Ulysses III for article drafts, book projects, etc.
• Devon Think Pro Office for research and reference material / documentation



Forgot to mention:

  • Calendar: for appointments (love Fantastical)
  • Due for persistent reminders (things that really need to be done on a specific day; Due’s annoying reminders are unbeatable for that purpose)

Great list.
I think OF is good for shopping list too - as a action list. And when you combine action list and context with location (iPhone OF) you have a great tool for shopping :)

I think no one mentioned Evernote. It is best notes tool for me - great cloud synchronization, many awesome functions (vc scan, search in pdf documents etc.)

Don’t you use Ulyseee III for Markdown too?

I did mention Evernote :D

As of shopping lists in OF, whenever I have something to remember at a certain store, I add the task ‘Look into Grocery list’ to the context of that store… alert pops-up, I look into my Grocery list (with only nouns, not verbs) in Reminders :P — almost like Dr. Drang does

You did, sorry. I was an inattentive :)

Yes, I use Ulysses III for Markdown writing, too. For shopping lists, I prefer Reminders because I can share those with my wife – and the stuff doesn’t mess up my OmniFocus :-)

I’ve used Evernote Premium for almost a year but I didn’t like it very much. I definitely prefer DevonThink because it is extremely flexible and versatile.

I would add Flow ( for group/collaborative tasks.

We use it in our IT department at work and it works great for keeping the team up to date.