So Here I Stand, Dead iPhone in Hand

…and no way to get to my tasks. See, I work for a company that standardizes on Windows (as about 90% of companies do) and today I had to leave my iPad at home. When I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket this morning at work the battery level was showing 1%, just enough power to check my appointments for the day then POOF! And I started thinking, "Why did I drop 50 bucks on an app whose development team has no official plan for a web app when every other mainstream task management app does.

Wunderlist, Any.DO, asana, Trello, Todo Cloud, etc…

Come on guys, An awful lot people dropped an awful lot of money for an awful long time to use your Todo app. The least you could do is announce a serious plan to develop a web app.


I bought an external battery with USB ports to charge my various electronic devices. It doesn’t take up a lot of room. I also bought a spare power charger into the office as well.

Here is an alternative. Never tried it but it’s worth a look

Of course, your IT department hopefully won’t block Internet access to some sites. There is also no guarantee that this will work if/when the omnifocus database changes in the future. You would have to wait for spootnik to update their web site to handle the database change. Omnigroup will probably not provide support for this third party service.

IIRC Omnigroup did say they have no plans in the near future to do a web version. Of course never say never.


I always keep a USB iPhone cable with me. I always work in Windows-only environments, but I can plug the cable into any local USB port and get a phone charge.

Not what you asked for, but a batter solution for me. Half the IT operations in places where I work block web access to all kinds of perfectly normal sites.


Would it be legal to run a cloud service that offers a web-based interface to OmniFocus, running on a Mac server and interfacing with OF2 using AppleScript? Just a free business idea for any bored dev reading this… ;)

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Check out .

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Spootnik looks interesting but I’ll stop by Best Buy on the way home today.

Thanks for the replies!

It appears that the Omnigroup tolerates similar efforts but doesn’t endorse or advertise them, understandably. They do that with Sputnik as well as the Android interface out there

Now the interesting part will be what happens when Omni finally changes their DB-structure.

I have been hoping for a while that someone builds a reasonable web interface based on the Webdav syncing - Sputnik is just a bit too basic (and ugly) for my taste…