Some attachments are now in a folder?

Hi all.

I was having equipment problems (on iMac, 10.10.5). Turns out the hard disk had to be replaced. Just before taking the machine in to Apple (it was running, intermittently), I dragged two OO documents out of my OmniPresence folder to my DropBox folder. One of those documents is named “Trading 2016-02-04”. It contains many attachments.

After the repair, I reloaded my backup (yeah, I had one. A bit old (three weeks), but a backup still…)

My problem is this: both in the OmniPresence folder and in the DropBox folder, I now have three items: my two original OO documents, PLUS a folder, named “Trading 2016-02-04…”. That folder appears to contain attachments which were, originally, in the OO document.

What should be my next step? Is there any way to put those attachments back in their proper locations in the OO document???


@M_ichel Could you send an email to our Support team? They can be reached at and should be able to look into whether or not your data is recoverable with you!

Done this morning.