Some keyboard shortcuts( etc. 'E' to edit ) is missing in Keyboard shortcuts help document

I have noticed that there are some single-key shortcuts:

  • E Edit
  • U move item up
  • D move item down
  • L move item left
  • R move item right
  • P ? <- still don’t understand what it does
  • L convert item to project

but I can’t find any documents mentioned these shortcuts.

Any one had found more can post it here and I wish they will be added into documents.

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Thank you @puttin for posting this. I searched everywhere and couldn’t find how to edit an item from the keyboard. Eventually I signed up for the forum and found your post. Thank you, again.

OmniFocus gives zero cares about usability design for keyboard navigation.

The other major complaints that I have with the OF app for macOS is the inability to add a subtask at the end of an existing list of subtasks. As well as the inability to add a sibling task immediately after a task that has subtasks.

On the iOS app side, the inability to add subtasks and adjacent siblings is insane.

Frustrating to see such poor UX design in this area, and poor documentation. You can do better OG. Thanks.