Someday/ Maybe sub-project


I’ve created a on-hold someday/ maybe parallel project to park all my someday/ maybe tasks/ projects. I have a “project” or action underneath it called Play soccer - I’d like to add a todo underneath that called - search the web but can’t seem to do so. I’ve created the entry called search the web and tried to drag it over the Play soccer entry but it doesn’t go.

Please help.

Okay I am not sure if I understand exactly what you are trying to do, so I’m going to go off of my potentially misguided understanding of your goal.

You have a project “Someday”. You want to have an action called “Soccer” in that project. You want to nest “search the web” under the “Soccer” action, correct? (effectively converting “Soccer” to an action group). You’d end up with:

Project>Action>Nested Action
Someday>Soccer>Search Web

So in OmniFocus parlance you have a Project called “Someday” with an Action Group called “Soccer” and an action within that group called “Search Internet”.

There are several ways to nest actions, or create an action group:
Create two or more actions at the root/top level of the project. Position the actions so that the top action is the desired group (Play soccer, in this case). Select the subsequent actions now positioned below the first and press cmd-]. This will “indent” the selected action and the action above it becomes the group containing the action you just indented. The result should look like the screenshot above.
You can also select any number of actions and press cmd-opt-g (or Organize>Group from the menu bar).

Then there’s the ol’ drag and drop, paying close attention to the little guide bars that appear to make sure the result is desired. I personally find that a bit clumsy sometimes and tend to use the indent (cmd-]) hotkey or the cmd-opt-g group command.

Am I on the right track with what you are trying to do? Do any of the alternative methods for nesting/grouping actions work for you?