Sort items within project

I have a perspective which shows my projects and the items within them. I’d like the items within each project to be sorted by due date. I can sort it with the “Sort Once”, but I would like them to always be sorted in that sequence. I do not see any appropriate option in the View dialog.

Is it possible to have the items within each project always sorted?

Hi @Boatguy! I’m afraid that OmniFocus doesn’t currently have the ability to keep tasks sorted within a project the way you’re describing. I’m sorry!

If this is important to your workflow, please send in an email to our support team, letting them know you’d like this feature and how it’d help you. Thanks for using OmniFocus!

To make it more convenient to “Sort Once”, you may consider defining keyboard shortcuts for OmniFocus in System Preferences > Keyboard.

For example, I use:

⇧⌘D - Sort Once > By Defer Date
⇧⌘S - Sort Once > By Name
⇧⌘U - Sort Once > By Date Due

Tim, that’s a useful shortcut, but the complete sequence then becomes.

  • Select Project
  • Select All
  • Use keyboard shortcut

Hopefully we’ll have the ability to sort items by any item attribute as part of the View/Perspective definition in a future version.

Thanks again.


I use Omnifocus on my iPhone. I have set-up a prospective that shows the next action within a project . How this falls apart when I ad new actions within the project . How can I rearrange all the actions within my projects so that the most logical /critical action is handled first

With Keyboard Maestro you could automate all those steps in a single macro.

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