Sort perspective on specific tags (not all)

This may not be possible, but I’ll try anyway, since I am not an expert like I consider many of you.

I have a perspective called “Hot!” This shows tasks that are either flagged, due, tagged “☀️Today” or “☝️Soon”. I would like the tasks tagged “☝️Soon” to stay on the top of the list, since they represents things that are a little more abstract and that I probably won’t do today, but they should be constantly on my my mind for the time being - these are often tasks that need considerable consideration. Up until now I have just tagged them “☀️Today” - even though I know I won’t be doing them now. My goal is to differentiate these two types of hot topics where the to represents things that should be on my mind while the others are the stuff I should do now.

Hope this makes sense.

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