Sort Projects by Project Due Date - Towards a new Key Projects Perspective using Tags

Hello all,

I have read previous posts going back to 2014-16, but can’t find a clear answer. Any idea if it is possible to sort a project list by the due date of the PROJECT itself, not the most recent task of the Project?

I’ve read this post, (How to create a perspective to show projects sorted by the due date of the project), where @timstringer makes a contribution, but doesn’t seem to resolve it.

Incidentally, @timstringer, I’m trying to set up a useful way to to create a Key Projects perspective, that involves applying a “key projects” tag to projects rather than your solution provided (generously) in your workflow video, which uses the filter criteria on the perspective itself to select projects.

I am instead trying to utilize a “Projects by Due” perspective to quickly identify approaching project deadlines, which I can then use to aid with tagging Projects with a Key Projects tag which can be added to or removed from the project as required.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Or is sort projects by due date still not possible?

If you’re using OmniFocus 3 you should be able to get some that’s at least close to what you’re looking forward.

I’ve created a page on Learn OmniFocus to share examples of perspectives. One of the examples shows projects that have due dates grouped by the due date.

You could add a tag to key projects. Just keep in mind that the tag will be inherited by all subsequent actions that you add to this project. Alternatively you could simply add some text to the title or note field for the project (e.g. #key) and use this text in the “Matches search terms” field of the perspective.

I hope this helps!

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Hi @timstringer thanks for the reply. Unfortunately this won’t work if some of the tasks in the project have a due date before the project. There is a logic to that I suppose, as you do note in the other post, just not one that suits my immediate purpose.

Thank you for the other tip. That is very helpful!

You’re very welcome, @numnumnum.

For reviewing due dates for individual actions I tend to mainly rely mainly on the Forecast perspective. In some cases I’ll use the Focus feature on the Mac to focus in on a specific area of life (e.g. Personal folder) and will switch to the Forecast perspective with this focus in place.

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Yes, I’ve been following many of your tips. Although some of your tips have been truncated by OF3 design. For example, you can’t repeat by one minute in OF3, and filtering by project (for your Key Projects perspective) is more difficult without quick entry in the filter by project option. I tried a tag for “Key Projects” instead of an evolving perspective but it got too confusing.

But back to the original issue, OF should really just have more dynamic options on the Project view so that you can see only your projects with more sort options on the Project, not the tasks in the project. Projects by Due, should not be so difficult.

I imagine the problem is that OF sees the task as the root object, so everything is modelled on that.

I’m adapting some of the OmniFocus 2 perspectives, etc. to and take advantage of changes and additions in OmniFocus 3. Overall I find OmniFocus 3 is much more flexible, though there’s an opportunity to add more features/flexibility.

I imagine the problem is that OF sees the task as the root object, so everything is modelled on that.

I’m not quite sure what you mean.

An action is contained within a project (it’s automatically added to the Miscellaneous single action list if the project field is blank)…and can include one or more tags. You can think of a tag as a list/container (e.g. the “Phone” tag contains a list of phone calls to make) that can be reordered independently from the project and other tags.