Sort selectively possible?

Hi all.

I have a “Topics” column that contains topics. Duh!

Some topics also contain sub-topics (indented) and some sub-topics contain sub-sub-topics. Etc.
Like so: 21

Is it possible to do “Organize/Sort Outline/Topic, A-Z”, but NOT sort the sub-topics (and sub-sub-topics) that are contained in the “first-level” topics and leave those in whatever order they already are?


Observed behavior:

If you collapse the sub-topics, then select your rows, when you do Organize -> Sort Selected Rows, it will only sort the level that shows.
Also, if you set a focus, it will be restricted to the focus. Unfortunately it looks like you can’t sort when using a filter.
I have long wanted OO to expose some of the outline metadata to make certain things easier. For example, I’d like to be able to limit a search to a particular section of the outline, or only down to a particular level. Filters do limit the search to those rows matching the filter, but in keeping with the notion of exposing metadata, if match types included less-than row level, greater-than row level, or equal-to row level, we could limit searches that way.

And I’m STILL waiting for regular expressions on filters.

Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a million!