Sorting - frustrating!

Hi folks,
I have a Project (Lead Development) and a Context (Phone calls). I have a Perspective (Phone Time). I want to be able to see all the tasks in Phone Time, sorted by Defer Date. But no matter how many times that I click on the View icon and choose Sort by Defer Date, they still stay in the same (random?) order.

OmniFocus, please… be a bit easier to use!

Any ideas, anyone?


I wrote
“I don’t have a solution, I’m just curious, but how do you group Phone Time?”

and this post was flagged as inappropriate. That is very, very strange.

Thanks for the response, kamil. It’s Ungrouped.

And this is what I mean about the complexity of OmniFocus: It seems like such a simple request, but no one seems to be able to provide a simple answer!

EDIT: I do not understand why my post would be flagged.

These are my settings and it works for me:

OmniFocus doesn’t display the Defer Date field if it already passed, but it sorts good.

I’m not sure if that would help, but go to OmniFocus ▸ Preferences ▸ Organizational and uncheck the box:

If you still have a problem write to the support and they will help you:

Thanks, Kamil. The settings are the same as yours, and I’ve tried unchecking the box you suggest, but no change. I appreciate your suggestions, and I’ll try support directly now.


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I think every software developer has a similar crash reporting system. Omnigroup has well written instructions that helps you send in crash reports. It is in everyone’s interest to help the software developers (Omnigroup and all the other software makers) to improve the software.

If no one is interested in improving software by reporting bugs, we would have low quality software. Some bugs may be harder to duplicate consistently or it might have something to do with interactions with other programs on the Mac. Help will be needed to figure out where it crashed in the crash logs that you will be emailing. I would urge everyone to report bugs.

I think the forums are an excellent resource that helps users figure out what is wrong. It certainly doesn’t sound like a waste of money.

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A post in this thread was flagged as inappropriate - I agreed with that flag, so the post is now hidden. The content of the post in question is fine - the way that content is being expressed is not.

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