Sorting projects by next review date--Review a day early

I did my last review on Monday. Today is Sunday, I have time, and wish to perform my review today instead of taking time out of my schedule on Monday. The Review perspective is empty. How can I find those projects scheduled for tomorrow review?

Some previous threads talk about sorting projects by review date. In the Review perspective, I see an option to sort by review date, but don’t know how to show future review dates. In creating a new perspective, there is no way to sort by review date.

How can I review a day earlier than the project review date?

If you choose the option to use project hierarchy, it should be there. You can both sort and group by Next Review. You can either Mark Reviewed from this new perspective, or bump the Review dates to today.

Hope this helps!

That was the trick. I wasn’t sorting by project hierarchy.
Thanks tons!

Neat, but it does create yet another perspective. I think it would be cool to have the option to show upcoming reviews in the Review perspective. They could be faded out slightly (or some other clear indication that they are not currently up for review).

Some days I have 5 projects to review, while others I have 20. I’d love to review a few more projects on the calm days to avoid the 20 project review days (without needing to go to another perspective). My brain can’t handle more than 5 “go to” perspectives. :)


I concur. It would be nice to preview what is coming.

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I totally agree! Please everybody send an email to with this request! Then the chances for implementing are higher!