Specific Projects on Homescreen?

With the pro version, is it possible to assigned specific projects or subprojects to the home screen? Not just the high level projects folder.

I assume you mean the home screen of the app, not the device itself.

Not projects as such; they need to be accessed through Perspectives, which can be placed as tiles on the home screen of OF Pro. Read about creating one in the manual.

With the Pro version, you can create a custom perspective and set the focus to whatever project(s), project, or folder you like. You can then reorder your home screen so that the perspective shows there.

Reorder the Homescreen

  1. In iOS, once you create your custom perspective, show the secret bar
    and tap All Perspectives.
  2. Tap on the icon to the right of All Perspectives and then use drag/drop to reorganize the items.

Hope this helps!

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Yes and no… you create a filter which shows the project (or word, or other condition just like any other perspective). But it isn’t a functional project (you can’t directly add tasks to it, change order, etc…). Personally I think this is a shortcoming and I’m critical of OmniGroup’s design in this regard. Is it a deal breaker for me? No.

I show how I use a perspective with the points I made above here: