Standard Perspectives on the Toolbar

Hi, has anyone noticed the change in behaviour when using the built-in perspectives from the Toolbar vs the Sidebar?

Say you have the Contexts perspective open with a context highlighted so you only see that context (which is highlighted in the Sidebar list). If you click the perspective again, from the Sidebar, the selected context in deselected to show the full list of contexts in the main view.

If you drag the Context perspective to the Toolbar then try the same thing as above, the context is not deselected and the view remains on the selected context.

I’m playing around with a minimised display and this is really annoying.

Am I doing something wrong? I would like the same behaviour using perspectives from the Toolbar.

Hey @stephen2

You are not doing anything wrong! This is just an expected difference at this time when using toolbar buttons for your perspectives rather than the sidebar. That said, it is completely understandable that you would want the same behavior if you are not using the sidebar and have it hidden. We do have a request in our development database to bring the same behavior from the sidebar to perspective buttons in the toolbar, and I’ll add you to it.

Please be aware that while we try to catch things like this in our forums, they sometimes get missed. If you run into things in OmniFocus that you’d like to see work different, please email We answer every email we get, so this ensures your suggestions/concerns/questions get seen by our support team.


Thanks for the reply