Starting a timer from OmniFocus and finding matching task in TimeCamp

Hi. I’m new to OmniFocus, but it’s looking great. So far the best task management tool I used (before Asana, Workflowy, Wunderlist, plain text, calendar, Reminders, Tick).

I spend 6 hours developing a script that allows starting a timer (time tracking) for a task in OmniFocus, and wanted to share it. Maybe it will be useful for someone. If there is a matching keyword from a task in action name, it will automatically select the proper task.

So the better the keywords in TimeCamp tasks, timesheets will be filled more often with the correct task.

Apple Scripts

TimeCamp CLI needed for Apple Scripts

Neat. I’m also ashamed to admit I didn’t know you could put scripts in to the toolbar!

Can you tell me how did you do the custom icons to a bar? :-) So clever!