State of URL Scheme / Opening Perspectives

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currently I’m trying to set up opening a certain perspective from Launch Center Pro on my iPad Air. What would be the correct way to open the perspective “In Office” (with a space) by URL? I’m testing it via pasting the following URL-string into Safari.


This only launches OF, but does not switch into the named perspective. What am I missing?

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I’m sorry for the inconvenience! In my tests, it looks like OmniFocus 1 for iPad doesn’t open any perspective by name, regardless of whether it has a space. Are you able to get any other perspective to open with a link of this format? Even more generally: are you able to get any omnifocus:/// URL that links directly to an object (a task, project, or context) to work?


Hey Tim,

thanks for the quick reply and hints. I will test the following during the weekend and will post the results here:


  • Mac OS X 10.9 (OF2 Pro)
  • iPhone 5 iOS 7 (OF2)
  • iPad Air iOS 7 (OF1)


URLs taken from OF2 OSX, using context menu “Copy as Link”. Now testing it on iOS.

  • Perspective (omnifocus:///perspective/In%20Office or omnifocus:///perspective/Today) - working in OSX, iPhone, not working on iPad
  • Item (omnifocus:///task/eaeSOLlD37t) - working in OSX, iPhone, not working on iPad
  • Project (omnifocus:///task/lulunKITudw) - working in OSX, iPhone, iPad
  • Context (omnifocus:///context/lL8OWZEJ97q) - working in OSX, iPhone, iPad
  • Inbox (omnifocus:///perspective/Inbox) - working in OSX, not working on iPad, iPhone
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Dear @tekl,

any news on the URL-support? Were you able to reproduce said behaviour?

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Thanks a ton for doing these tests! It really helps to see what behavior you’re experiencing on the iPad, and which particular kinds of links are having problems.

This does appear to be a bug in OmniFocus 1 for iPad. We’re definitely aware of how useful URL support can be, especially for integrating with other apps on iOS; I’ve filed this issue so that we can work to fix it, and added your vote.