Stencil broken on 6.1/ Yosemite

Omnigraffle seems quite unstable on OSX Yosemite on my brand new Macbook Pro with 8Gb RAM.

I noticed the previous post about the beachball when exporting (and I see that very often as well, not just exporting but also saving) but the issue I wanted to raise it that it no longer shows some of the Bootstrap stencil I use in the stencils panel.

It shows half of the available shapes but not the rest, in particular the ‘icons’ section of the stencil. The stencil worked fine before I upgraded to 6.1 and if I open it the shapes are still in the file.

Was there a change to the way stencils are handled in 6.1?

I emailed support about this and apparently it’s a known bug that should be fixed in 6.1.1:

This is a known issue; fortunately, it’s one we’ve fixed internally, so you should see a fix for it in an forthcoming update to OmniGraffle 6. In fact, if you’re willing to confirm this on your end, you can use the latest OmniGraffle 6.1.1 test builds, found here:

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+1 for this, just so you know you’re not alone. Emailed about that exact stencil some bit ago, good to know they’re on it.

Selecting the last view option in the stencil viewer seemed to make more of them available but I still think I’m missing some.