Stencil download problem

I’m only able to download some stencils as text files, not the appropriate stencil file format. Some download fine.
Any ideas?

There has been an issue in the past with packaged file formats on Google Drive, as it can’t handle those formats. If you are using Google Drive, download the stencil locally, open it in OmniGraffle and in the Document Inspector change the stencil format to always use a flat file, then save it. That should make it work if you are using a type of file sharing that doesn’t support packaged file formats.

If you aren’t using cloud hosted file sharing, something else might be going on. We are glad to help if you want to send us a link to one of the stencils that is problematic. If we can assist you, send us an email from Help>Contact Omni.


Hi Lanette,
Thanks for your reply. I have just attempted to replicate the problem and the files downloaded in the correct format! This particular file was repeatedly downloading without a file extension and could only be opened in TextEdit. The problem seems to have resolved itself, but thank you again for your offer of help.


Hello again Lanette,
I’ve identified the problem as browser-based. Firefox Quantum 58.0.2 fails to consistently download the files in the correct format. Changed to Chrome and all fixed!


Glad you sorted it out! Thanks for sharing the cause.