Still a Little Baffled By Repeating Items

This is me being thick I’m sure. But would appreciate some help.

On the last working day of each month I need to complete my expenses. How would I set this up in OF3 using today as the first time I do this? (e.g. today, Friday 28th September, is the last working day of the month. I want to create a task with a deferred date until today, a due date of today, and then I want this to repeat on the last working day of every month going forward, the dates to be ‘absolute’ rather than adjusted if I happen to be late completing in any month.

Many thanks.


You can set it to repeat for the last weekday of the month like so:

And do set its defer and due dates for today so both are in the new copy created after completing this one.

This is possible! I’ve attached a screenshot of the settings I use on my Mac to achieve this:


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Perfect, and thank you. Oddly enough that’s where I’d got to but was unsure if it would be smart enough to know that even though the first one is being done on the 28th, subsequent ones would potentially be later than that. All good, and thank you.

Thanks, appreciated.

OMG — thank you, Rosemary! Genius. 😎👍