Still happening: Context Location Reminders Not Working [should be fixed in iOS 10.3]

I was excited to see that this would be fixed with 10.3, but I am still having this problem. I see the context locations, I’ve reset them, created new tasks with them, and still I get no notification. I can even see that I am in a location that I should get an alert at, while I’m there, and nothing.

Am I missing something? iPhone 6s, iOS 10.3.1 (14E304), current version of OmniFocus with Pro Upgrade. Location flags are set in privacy to allow communication, etc. Notifications are on, and work for timed events.

I don’t recall hearing from anyone else that 10.3 didn’t resolve this issue, but regardless I’m really sorry you’re experiencing it! Have you contacted support yet? I believe there’s some more advanced troubleshooting we can do to figure out where the breakdown might be.

It is working for me.
Running iOS 10.3.1 & OF 2.19.1