Still Hoping for Split Views

Often when working on a large outline in OO I wish that OO supported split views into an outline. For example, it would be great to be able to split the view on an outline with the upper view focused on some subsection of the outline while the lower view would allow me to edit another part of the outline while being able to see the focused view. I know this is complicated but I very much would like to see this feature implemented.

As an aside, see the Vim/MacVim editor for an example of how split screen can work.


Being able to open multiple windows for a single outline (like BBEdit and MS word allow for their documents) would be very handy, too. But split view would help a lot, too. – Both on iOS and macOS.


I would also be happy with multiple windows on the same OO doc.

I have a sizeable outline of account data, and it’s fairly common that I’ll be working in one section, but need to pull a password from a far flung other section (largely because Chrome won’t store my Google admin account credentials). I think multiple windows of the same document would be most helpful (particularly in terms of clear focus for searches), but split view would solve the problem also.


I have to say I’m disappointed that the 2023 roadmap doesn’t mention any major features for OmniOutliner (maybe it should be called OmniOutlier?), including the subject of this thread.

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