Still not understanding Due Again correctly [Solved]

So I have a task that occurs on a regular basis, but only when I actually complete it. Sounds like a candidate for Due Again after Completion, right?

So, this particular tasks resets to 3 days to the minute after I complete.

Let’s say I set Defer Until for today at 4:55PM and Due to today at 5:00PM with Repeat set to Due Again in 3 days (I’ve also tried 72 hours)

Now when I actually complete the task at 7:00PM this evening and click the checkmark for completing the task, the new repeated task shows Defer until 4:55PM 3 days hence and Due at 5:00PM 3 days hence, not 6:55PM and 7:00PM as I expected.

How should I actually be doing this?

Tested in both OmniFocus for Mac 2.9.1 and OmniFocus for iOS 2.19.1

Ah, did some more digging, turns out that if I truly need that kind of resolution in the repeated task due time, I need to specify the Due Again in minutes, not days or even hours. So once I changed my 72 hours into 4,320 minutes, things worked as I had originally expected.

Leaving this here in case someone else runs into the same need.