Still struggling to organize and fully / easily use OF after a decade +?

The idea of using 2 different applications that necessitates doubling significant information seems…less than ideal? lol

That’s fair - and i’ve clearly come to a place where I must either make peace with OF4 or use a supporting, or possibly even a different app entirely. I’d hoped in posting this, I might see some consensus on what functionality would ideally come next as well, some thoughts and work arounds for the issues I’m wrestling with - and have gotten a bit of both I suppose so will take that to heart and figure out what works best for me. Thanks for your input and have a lovely day.

You offer an inverted premise as though it is self-evident gospel to settle a decision. Using two (or in my case three) different applications absolutely does not necessitate doubling significant information. The approach I take is a natural consequence that arises from recognizing that managing projects requires a different set of tools compared to managing tasks (and compared to managing my choices on when to do what is in front of me). I have all liberty to decide what information is handled by each tool and can deftly avoid duplications.


If I’m just worried about what to do tomorrow, I use an index card. At the end of the day, I look at my forecast showing due items, flagged items, or any tasks tagged with the Forecast tag. I write down the 3 tasks I want to do tomorrow. I’ll number them 1 to 3 in the order I want to do them. Then I tape that index card next to my monitor.

These 3 tasks are staring at me all day tomorrow. I don’t visit OmniFocus and hide the app. This avoids me looking at other tasks that are more pleasant or easy but not necessarily the most important to work on.

There’s something about having that index card taped to my monitor. At lunch time and at the end of the day, I return to OmniFocus to mark those as complete. When I cross off those 3 tasks on my index card, I give myself permission to open OmniFocus and choose 1-2 more tasks to work on.

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Belated response, since I’ve been traveling: I use folders for what David Allen calls “areas of responsibility.” My reasons for that involve top-down organization, in a rough-and-ready fashion, but also pragmatic: by having a folder for, e.g., my personal and household responsibilities, I can use the Focus feature in OF to limit my perspectives to that folder. It can be immensely useful. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that despite the name “OmniFocus,” many users are unaware of how powerful the Focus feature can be.