Stop a new doc from template expanding layers & groups completely?

Hi –

Is it possible to control how the layers sidebar presents a new document when creating a template by exporting a document?

I have a template and when I open a new document from it the layers sidebar is open (good) and all layers on all canvases are visible (ok) and all of the groups and subgroups are expanded also (not good).

I would like to be able to control how a new doc opens so that just the top-level items in a layer are visible. Failing that, I’d like to be able to have all the canvases closed up.

Thank You!

A few suggestions for you to try, use small icons in the layer sidebar if you aren’t currently. Then, if you use the command key while expanding/collapsing canvases and layers, it will close the other (canvases or layers). Since both Use Small Icons and the keyboard shortcuts are local, and not based on templates, you can’t set those up as part of a template. If you Command + Collapse an open canvas and save your document, when you open it, the canvases will all be closed. The same is true for closing layers.

Is there a difference in the document save vs template expor? When I open a new doc based on the template, and I exported the template with everything in the sidebar closed via command+collapse, everything is completely expanded.

Yes. A template is going to create a new document based on the template. The collapse/expand state is not saved as part of the template.