STOP THE DEFAULT Route from object centers

Once again I am trying to find a solution to a simple problem in the worst upgrade i’ve ever encountered. HATE the new omnigraffle.

So how the heck do i change the default (STUPID) behavior of the line to connect to the center of whatever object the line is close to??, without have to go 5 clicks to connections, lines, then uncheck three things?

What a horrible way to do things if this is the only way to change it. I just want to draw a damn line and then make adjustments. I should be able to make the default action what I need instead of wasted clicks.

PLEASE someone help me make this program work similar to what it used to be. One click on the magnet and that was it. Now I don’t even know what the magnet does.

Also took me an hour to find out how to fill an object. There is no labels on the icons, the help menu is worthless, online tools are not helpful.

I HATE THE NEW OMNIGRAFFLE and i will keep saying ti until they make changes to what it used to be. A simple program that was intuitive, but now it’s horrible. Nothing is intuitive and the few times I use it, I am pulling my hair out EVERY time.

I am still just using the demo (9 days left!) so I may very well have no idea what I am talking about.

However, have you tried:

  • Click the line tool.
  • Click the gear icon in the inspector panel.
  • In the Connections section uncheck “Route from object centers”.

I figured that out after working way too hard. I want all those things UNCHECKED when i start the line tool. Every line I create, I do not want it to require 5 clicks, plus unnecessary mouse movement. It’s 5 times as hard as it was to create a line.

There are several really good ways to set up your defaults.

  1. Before you start creating, set all the defaults you want when the tool is selected by going through the inspector and picking the choices manually.

  2. Open a document or stencil with a style you like, and then select from the Style dropdown the settings you like “On this canvas”. You can also Control + Click on a Style and choose Add to Favorites so it will be available in other documents. You can use Copy Object Style and Paste Object Style to quickly style items too.

  3. Save your favorites as a stencil, then drag them from the Stencils palette to your canvas so you have the exact same item to reuse.

Sorry for the delay! I thought you’d already gotten a response. I hope this gives you a few other techniques to better control your objects.