Strange repeating project / repeating action behavior

I have been experiencing a weird an issue and I’m wondering if any of you have come across it. I have a project that repeats weekly. In that project there are a series of actions. Sometime ago, I moved two additional actions into that project. Those new actions both repeating and I had initially neglected to disable the repeat. The first time the task came due, I noticed the repeating actions within the project after I clicked one done and it respawned. I edited the task to disable the repeat.

Then after I completed all the tasks in the project, the project respawns as it should, and the actions all show up as non-repeating. But then when the task comes due, those two tasks have somehow been reset as repeating.

This has been happening for weeks and I finally started thinking I was crazy. So, last week I took a screenshot after I completed the project and it respawned. As I thought, none of the actions in that project were repeating. I checked again tonight (the project is due tomorrow) and lo and behold, those two tasks are showing to be set to repeat.

I don’t touch this project during the week. I don’t have any scripts that I believe are interacting with that project or those actions.

Have any of you seen something like this? Any idea how to resolve it?

What happens if you recreate the two separate actions afresh in the Project; and delete those which you actually moved into it - in case they brought some inherent repeating attributes with them?

what are the “repeat from this item” settings? Completion date or assigned dates?

From “assigned date.” Specifically: [Every week, on Saturday, from Assigned Dates.)

I just tried that last night. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out. I’ll report back.

If it does fix it, I’ll be happy it’s fixed but I will feel a touch of disappointment that this mystery will not be resolved. The case of the existential tasks that just want to repeat no matter how you set them.

What happens if you set them to completion date? (I had almost the same issue, was caused by that)

I’ll try that next and see what happens. It’s so bizarre.

can you share a screenshot of the inspector for the project and the task?

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