Strange Tab behaviour

In past builds, I was able to create a Quick Entry, and Tab from “Item” to “Context”, ETC. but now, Tab seems to go from “Item” to Note directly. And then I have to manually go to “Context”.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Ok, it started working, but now has stopped again. The error is the following:

Create New Task (either Quick Entry or otherwise) --> Enter info in title --> Press Tab --> cursor moves to - what looks like - the note section, but you can’t do anything. If I escape out of this, and retry, I’m able to Tab as normal.

Anyone else getting this error?

This sounds like a bug.

Out of curiosity, if you make the Quick Entry window wider (by dragging on its right edge), does the tab key behavior change?

I’m seeing this behaviour as well. I’m not able to recognise a pattern for when Tab correctly moves to Context or when it goes into Note. Resizing the Quick Entry window does not appear to have any effect but I will continue to monitor this.

Update: This has happened again and resizing the quick entry window changed the tab behaviour back to working property (going into the Context field instead of Note).

Im having the same problem, tab moves to note field from action name, instead of to context. would much prefer to go straight to context

something that may help that i just saw in another post is the following:
“if you turn off Full Keyboard Access in System Preferences, tabbing will automatically skip over those the note control directly to the context control”

Making the windows larger helped for me. But, if I enter a ‘defer until’ date, the tab then skips over that entry field.